Two months following the death of William Thomas Cosgrave, Brian Farrell hosts a tribute to his life and work.

Participants in this discussion include Judge Fionán Lynch, Professor Michael Hayes, General Richard Mulcahy, Earnán de Blaghd, Patrick McGilligan and John A Costello. They discuss Cosgrave's time in prison and in the first Dáil.

This extract from the programme features Judge Fionán Lynch describing his own experiences in the early years of the State and his relationship with Cosgrave.

Lynch first met Cosgrave at Portland Prison following the Rising. Both men were officers in the Volunteers and had been sentenced to death. Subsequently their sentences were changed to penal servitude. They were later transferred to Lewes Prison where they got to know each other. Following their release from prison they both formed part of the first Dáil. However, Lynch was frequently absent from the Dáil as he

Had the misfortune to be in and out of jail a great deal during that period 

From 1922 both men were members of the provisional government.

W.T. Cosgrave died on 16 November 1965, aged 85. The Fianna Fáil government under Seán Lemass awarded him the honour of a state funeral, which was attended by the cabinet, the leaders of all the main Irish political parties, and Éamon de Valera, then President of Ireland.

'Tribute to W.T. Cosgrave' was broadcast on 19 January 1966.