A documentary looking at one of the most controversial movements in Irish politics, the Blueshirts.

To their supporters the Blueshirts were the bulwark against a possible communist takeover. To their enemeies they were at best buffooons and at worst fascists. The Blueshirts played a key role in the formation of the Fine Gael political party.

'Patriots to a Man, The Blueshirts and Their Times' examines the place of the far-right of Irish politics in the 1930s. This extract from the opening of the documentary looks at the roles played by some of the lesser known figures the Blueshirts including Ned Cronin, and Michael Patrick Lynch.

The programme looks at the polarising views that the Blueshirts generated.

They were real anti-democratic for a start off and they were friends of British imperialism.

Patriots to a man they were patriots.

'Patriots to a Man, The Blueshirts and Their Times' was produced by Nick Coffey and was broadcast on 11 January 2001.