The European Court of Human Rights has found Britain guilty of a breach in the shooting of the Gibraltar 3.

The court asked why the three, Seán Savage, Daniel McCann, and Mairéad Farrell, had not been arrested when entering Gibraltar. By a tight margin of 10 votes to 9 the court said that Article 2 of the Convention on Human Rights, which protects the right to life, had been violated.

The families of the three IRA members have hailed the decision as a major legal victory in a battle that had gone on for 7 years. This was the first time the courts had ruled on the legal limits of a state's use of legal force, making it both a landmark and a controversial judgement.

The report includes Douwe Korff, Counsel for the Families, and Sir Basil Hall, speaking in court after the judgement had been passed.

On 6 March 1988, the three members of the Provisional IRA were shot dead by the British SAS in Gibraltar.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 27 September 1995. The reporter is Tommie Gorman.