The European Court of Human Rights has found Britain guilty of a breach in the shooting of the Gibraltar 3.

The court asked why the three, Seán Savage, Daniel McCann, and Mairéad Farrell, had not been arrested when entering Gibraltar.  By a tight margin of 10 votes to 9 the court said that Article 2 of the Convention on Human Rights, which protects the right to life, had been violated. 

The families of the three IRA members have hailed the decision as a major legal victory in a battle that had gone on for 7 years.  This was the first time the courts had ruled on the legal limits of a states use of legal force, making it both a landmark and a controversial judgement. 

The report includes Douwe Korff, Counsel for the Families, and Sir Basil Hall, speaking in court after the judgement had been passed.  

On 6 March 1988 the three members of the Provisional IRA were shot dead by the British SAS in Gibraltar.

An RTÉ News report by Tommie Gorman broadcast on 27 September 1995.