Bishop Edward Daly on his time in Derry.

In 1975 'Radharc' revisited Derry, where they had filmed an untransmitted film eleven years previously. The documentary 'We Have Been Through It Together' examines the changes that took place in the intervening years, which saw the outbreak of the troubles.

In this extract, presenter Fr Dermod McCarthy meets Edward Daly, Bishop of Derry, who was a curate in the Bogside during the civil rights marches and the Battle of the Bogside. An image of him waving a white handkerchief on Bloody Sunday in 1972 as the body of 17-year-old Jackie Duddy was carried away was shown all over the world.

In this extract, Bishop Daly looks back on his time in Derry and condemns violence.

This edition of 'Radharc' was broadcast on 4 May 1975.