Ethical questions, medical benefits and health implications surround animal to human transplants.

Born on 5 March 2000 in the US, the world's first cloned pigs were created by the same people who brought us Dolly the Sheep. 

The piglets arrival is surrounded by controversial medical and moral debate around the prospect of animal cells and organs being planted into human beings. 

Dr. Ron James of the Cloning Team at PPL Therapeutics, spoke to RTÉ News about the potential of this development. 

According to the report, the next step in the research is to eliminate the gene in pigs that is rejected by humans. 

Joyce D'Silva of Compassion in the World Farming comments on the potential threats to humans if transplant procedures were to go ahead.   

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 14 March 2000. The reporter is Susan Byrne.