In his 100th year Padraig Greene talks about life and how it has changed over the last century.

Not many people can say that they have lived through the founding of the state and two world wars. The series 'Remembering the Century' broadcast at the turn of the century met some of those who have. 

In part 16 of the 17 part series, retired national school principal Padraig Greene, born on 6th June 1900, speaks to Brendan O'Reilly about his memories.

Approaching his 100th birthday Padraig Greene describes what he sees as the greatest changes to occur over the past century. He feels that the standard of living was better in the past when people were largely self-supporting and much happier than they are nowadays. Times were harder but people were more content with their lot. Chasing money has made individuals greedy which in turn has made them unhappy with life.

Padraig Greene talks about being a school teacher for 45 years. He argues that today children watch too much television and too many "rubbishy soaps". He comments on the influence of American culture on our lives.

'Remembering the Century' was a 17-part series meeting people who were close to the historic events during the course of the century.

This episode of 'Remembering the Century' was broadcast on 20 February 2000. The presenter is Brendan O'Reilly.