Irish soldier Johnny Burke recalls meeting the Turks and burying the dead during the First World War.

Johnny Burke talks about his experiences during the First World War including a heavy defeat to the Turks in the Mesopotamian campaign. During a break in the fighting to bury the dead Johnny recalls meeting with Turkish soldiers.

Johnny Burke tells about his experience during the First World War. Johnny fought first in France after the retreat at Mons. From France, Johnny went to Mesopotamia where the British army suffered a heavy defeat. Johnny praises the Turks for allowing time for the dead to be buried. During the amnesty for the dead to be buried Johnny met some of those he had been fighting. His memory of the Turkish soldiers is of the poor condition they were in.

Johnny Burke also recalls marching through the desert to Baghdad and to Falluja. When it was time to be sent home, he was told he was going to the UK (United Kingdom) but Johnny had no idea what the UK was and had to ask an officer to explain.

This episode of 'On the Land' was broadcast on 17 January 1965. The reporter is Ted Nealon.

'On the Land' was a weekly programme for farmers broadcast from 1962 to 1971. Jack White, Head of Public Affairs, Telefis Eireann, wrote,

Good cover of farming is a basic duty for a television network that serves an agricultural country. Telefis Eireann is anxious to do its bit to make for a better life on the land.

(RTV Guide, 9 February 1966. Vol.1, No.11, p.6)