Seán MacBride, former Minister for External Affairs and UN Commissioner for Namibia awarded Nobel Peace Prize.

In his acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize Seán MacBride outlines his 8 Principles for Peace.

  1. Complete disarmament including outlaw of nuclear weapons
  2. Glorification of peace and not war
  3. Effective protection of human beings at national and international levels
  4. Mechanisms for international and non-international disputes that may endanger peace or that are causing injustices
  5. An international order to secure fair distribution of all essential products
  6. An international court of justice and legal system to rectify injustices
  7. An international peace keeping force and police force
  8. A world parliament and government

Seán MacBride speaking to John Howard by telephone identifies his work in human rights and peace issues as the reasons why he has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 8 October 1974. The reporter is John Howard.

Seán MacBride (1984)
Seán MacBride on The Late Late Show (1984)