How will the Irish be celebrating Valentine's Day this year?

Sexy and romantic

The Irish topped the poll of sexiest nationality for both men and women in a survey carried out by online dating website Meanwhile, the results of a survey for book publisher Mills and Boon showed that the Irish regard themselves as the third most romantic nationality, after the Italians and the French.

Clare Somerville of Mills and Boons says she thinks the poll is "telling us that we could do with a few more Irish heroes in our books".

Quentin Fottrell, agony aunt on 'The Ray D'Arcy Show' and author of 'Love In A Damp Climate: The Dating Game... Irish-Style" believes that "romance is actually better in a credit crunch".

An RTÉ News reports broadcast on 9 February 2009. The reporter is Laura Fletcher.

Valentine's Day 2009