Michael O'Hehir in New York brings Ireland the news that President John F. Kennedy has been assassinated.

President John F Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas on 22 November 1963 just five months following his four day visit to Ireland.

Irish sports commentator Michael O'Hehir happened to be in New York when the news broke that President Kennedy had been shot dead. He phoned in this report to RTÉ an hour later, describing the shock and confusion in the United States.

O’Hehir says that the president’s motorcade was going through Dallas, Texas when an assassin opened fire.

President Kennedy slumped onto the lap of Mrs Kennedy, who was sitting beside him and she was heard to scream 'oh no’.

Governor Connolly of Texas was also seriously wounded and they were rushed to hospital, where President Kennedy received the last rites.

O’Hehir talks about how already the news has hit people on the streets of New York, who are in groups around transistor radios,

and men and women weeping with the news coming over that radio that the president had died.

It has just been reported that a man has been arrested.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on Radio Éireann on 22 November 1963. The reporter is Michael O'Hehir.

The accompanying image is from the RTÉ Guide dated 19 November 1993.