Climate change has always been a matter of utmost concern for young people across the world - and here in Ireland we are no different.

The next generation has a lot to say about how we treat our environment to protect the future of the planet and ultimately the human race itself.

Many young people have been in touch with News2Day to share their ideas and projects to reduce pollution and create a sustainable environment.

From helping bees and planting trees, to cleaning up our seashores, there is no doubt that young people in Ireland have played their part in the fight against climate change. 

Many, inspired by the actions of Swedish climate activist, Greta Thunberg, have been protesting to highlight the need for change to save our environment.

Others, motivated by issues closer to home, have found other ways to try and bring about change before it's too late.

One school built a 30ft snake out of the plastic left over from students' lunches and snacks at home. Another made sea creatures out of plastic to represent the amount of plastic which goes into the ocean.

From Clare to Cork and Donegal to Dublin, young people around the country are pushing for a sustainable future.