Youth Assembly on Climate 2019

On Friday 15 November 2019 a Youth Assembly on Climate will be convened in Dáil Éireann.

The Youth Assembly on Climate is an opportunity for young people to discuss and explore the next steps for Ireland in relation to climate change and climate action.

Throughout the year children and young people have shown leadership through their activities and demonstrations, helping to push climate issues to the top of the national agenda. This is an opportunity to take the conversation to the next stage.

157 young people will be selected to participate in the one-day Youth Assembly on Climate. 

During the day the delegates will work in facilitated groups to develop and further their proposals on climate action.

The final Dáil Chamber session will be broadcast on RTÉ News Now and Oireachtas TV.

This initiative is open to applications from young people who will be aged between 10 and 17 years of age on 15 November 2019 and are legally residents of the Republic of Ireland. 

Applicants will need to be available to attend an information day at one of the following locations if requested by RTÉ:  Dublin, Sligo, Galway or Cork on a weekday in mid-October 2019 (exact venues/dates to be subject to confirmation by RTÉ).

In addition the applicants are required to attend the Youth Assembly on Climate in Leinster House, Dublin, on Friday 15 November 2019.

Applications are not open to family members of RTÉ staff.

Attendees at both the information day and the Youth Assembly on Climate will need to comply with all rules and protocols (including without limitation all health and safety requirements and all filming/broadcast requirements), details of which will be provided in due course.

Attendees will make themselves available for promotion and publicity activities as may be required, including if requested participation in social media chats and Youth Assembly on Climate promos. Attendees will also permit use of their video pitches in promotion of the event and in any programming about the event.

RTÉ's decision on the eligibility and selection of participants shall be final.

RTÉ reserves the right to change, cancel or suspend this project at any time.

Data Protection

Any personal data relating to this process will be used in accordance with current Irish data protection legislation and best practice. Please see RTÉ Privacy Policy for further details:

What will RTÉ collect and how will RTÉ use it?

RTÉ is the data controller of your information that is collected. This means that RTÉ decides what your personal data is used for, and the ways in which it is processed. For this project, RTE will collect personal details such as names, dates of birth, contact details, images provided by applicants and details concerning personal and political beliefs provided by applicants.

Retaining and sharing your information

Applicants' personal data will not be shared with any third parties outside of RTÉ  save for who will securely host the data on behalf of RTÉ for three months at which time it will be deleted/destroyed by

Application data will be held by RTÉ in compliance with its Data Retention Policy and Privacy Policy.  'Unsuccessful applicants’ data will be destroyed/deleted within 12 months.

Your rights

Where you have provided RTÉ with your personal data you have a right to be given a copy of your personal data subject to certain exceptions. To exercise your rights in respect of your personal data please see RTÉ's Data Protection Individual Rights Guide.