Ireland's young people have been leading the way on climate - and now the country is listening more than ever.

Through strikes and demos they have helped make climate a national talking point. Now they are being given the opportunity to take that conversation to the heart of decision making. 

On Friday 15 November, RTÉ and the Houses of the Oireachtas will convene the country’s first ever Youth Assembly on Climate in Dáil Éireann. It will be a chance for young people to discuss what Ireland needs to do to tackle climate issues.

In the context of the centenary of the first Dáil, 157 young people will be selected to take part in this one-day Youth Assembly to establish the next urgent steps for Ireland - and you could be one of them.

But to be in with a chance to take part you will need to get your application in before noon on Wednesday 18 September when the deadline closes.

The number of young delegates will be the same as the current number of TDs in Dáil Éireann. Proceedings on the day will be chaired by Ceann Comhairle Seán Ó Fearghail.

Those selected will get together in groups, with a facilitator, to work out exactly what their proposals are on climate action. Then will then get a chance to present their views to our elected officials. 

The final session, in the historic Dáil Chamber, will be broadcast on RTÉ News Now and Oireachtas TV. 

RTÉ Director-General, Dee Forbes, said: "The young people of Ireland have shown their great passion on the climate crisis and their commitment to finding solutions and we are listening.

"We want to enable them to raise their voices even louder by giving them greater access to their public service media organisation and by partnering with the Houses of the Oireachtas to convene a special Youth Assembly on this issue of great importance to us all."

Ceann Comhairle, Seán Ó Fearghaíl, said: "As we continue to mark the 100th Anniversary of the first sitting of Dáil Éireann I am delighted that the Houses of the Oireachtas in collaboration with RTÉ are reaching out to the young people of Ireland.

"We have seen how passionate they are about protecting the environment and expressing their concerns on climate issues.

"It is fitting that the future generation come into Leinster House and have their voices heard in the Dáil Chamber and I very much look forward to welcoming them and hearing from them first hand."

If you have a real interest in climate issues and you’d like to be part of this important event, fill out the application form and tell us  why you want to have your say. 

It’s open to young people who are between the ages between 10 and 17 on 15 November 2019 and are legally residents of the Republic of Ireland.

To be eligible to take part in the Youth Assembly on Climate you need: 

1. Your parents’/guardian's consent to apply. 

2. To be between the ages of 10 and 17 on 15th November 2019 and legally resident of the Republic of Ireland.

3. To be available to attend the Youth Assembly on Climate in Dublin on Friday 15 November 2019. 

Applications are not open to family members of RTÉ staff. 

Full Terms & Conditions are in the Application and available at 

How can I apply?

The 'APPLY' link on this page will take you to the application website. 

Remember, the application can only be completed with your parents’/guardians’ consent.

As part of the application, you will be asked for: 

- Details about yourself 

- Contact details for your parents/guardians

- Information about climate or environmental projects you may have been involved with. 

- A one-minute video pitch: 

You will be asked to submit one-minute video telling us about your interest in climate issues and why you would like to take part in the Youth Assembly on Climate

You can either record the video on a phone and upload it or record it directly onto the application site (if you have a camera on your computer). Just make sure that it is a simple head and shoulders shot of you and that the sound is clear. There will be an opportunity to re-record if you’re not happy with it!

- A written pitch:

You will be asked to write a short pitch (max 250 words) telling us what aspect of climate breakdown is most important to you and why.

Click here to apply

The Youth Assembly is the first in a number of initiatives to be announced as part of RTÉ on Climate which will see a focus on the Climate Crisis across TV, Radio and Online.