With Covid cases surging and the implications of Omicron still unclear, many people have been changing their Christmas plans.

Experts say caution needs to be the order of the day, although others are also emphasising the importance of seeing family and friends.

It is a confusing and concerning time for us all.

At Dublin Castle earlier this week, it certainly looked like Christmas.

The historic courtyard has been filled with over 30 traditional alpine market stalls featuring an array of decorative crafts and gift ideas.

But for visitors to the market, did it feel like Christmas?

Aoife McGuinnes said: "Usually, I don't do festive things but I’ve kind of forced myself to do it this year. It’s been nice.

"I’ve been seeing my friends a lot and going to things like this Christmas market.’’

Finbarr O’Caroll said: "I think there is lovely buzz coming into the city. And having the lights, it’s really lovely.

"I never realised there were so many cafés. The restrictions wouldn't affect me because normally I wouldn't be out in the evening.’’

However, not everybody were in high spirits.

Kate O’Hanlon said: "It’s definitely been one of the stranger Christmases that I’ve had.

"We should have been in Venice this weekend but we decided not to travel because we wanted to make sure we could be safe with our families this Christmas."