The Celebrity Operation Transformation leaders have kicked off their new and improved diet plans. To follow their meals, you will need an OT approved shopping list. 

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Monday, 25th of September - Beef Satay

Beef Satay
Tuesday, 26th of September - Sweet ‘n’ Sour Cashew Nut Stir Fry

Sweet n Sour noodles

Wednesday, 27th of September - Singapore Noodles 


Note: Herbs can be used dried or fresh. Vegetables can be fresh or frozen. Many of these ingredients will become cupboard staples and used in future recipes

Meat / Fish

  • Chicken breast x 2

Vegetables / Fruits / Herbs

  •  Broccoli x 100g
  •  Onions x 2
  •  Carrots x 2
  •  Red pepper x 2
  •  Mushrooms x 350g
  •  Beansprouts x 375g
  •  Pineapple x 1
  •  Courgette x 1
  •  Lime x 1
  •  Garlic x 1 bulb

Canned Goods and Sundries

  •  Olive Oil  x 1 bottle
  •  Rapeseed oil x 1 bottle
  •  Whole grain rice x 100g
  •  Wholewheat noodles x 200g
  •  Crunchy peanut butter x 1 jar
  •  Cashew nuts x 55g
  •  Honey x 1 jar
  •  Beef stock cubes x 1 pack
  •  Chilli powder x 1 jar
  •  Chilli flakes x 1 jar
  •  Reduced sodium soy sauce x 1 bottle
  •  Fish sauce x 1 bottle
  •  Light soy sauce x 1 bottle
  •  Hot sauce x 1 bottle
  •  Rice vinegar x 1 bottle

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