The Celebrity Operation Transformation leaders have kicked off their new and improved diet plans. To follow their meals, you will need an OT approved shopping list. 

You can get the food plan and shopping list for Week 1 here, Week 2 here and Week 3 here.

Monday 18 Sept - Chicken Enchiladas

Tues 19 Sept - Smokey Pork Chops

Wed 20 Sept - Spinach and Feta Frittata

Thurs 21 Sept - Marinated Steak

 Fri 22 Sept Spiced Haddock with Coriander Sauce

Sat 23 Sept - Curried Chickpea and Sweet Potato Burger

Sun 24 Sept - Roast Beef

Note: Herbs can be used dried or fresh. Vegetables can be fresh or frozen.
Many of these ingredients will become cupboard staples and used in future recipes

Meat / Fish
 Sirloin Steak 2 x 125g
 Topside Beef  500g
 Pork loin Chops 2
 Fresh Haddock fillets  2  x 150g          

Vegetables/ Fruits / Herbs
 Baby Spinach 50g
 Tomatoes  2
 Courgette 1
 Cherry Tomatoes 100g
 Carrots 3
 Yellow Pepper 1
 Red Pepper 3
 Green Pepper 1
 Brown Onions 3
 Potatoes 450g
 Rooster Potatoes 400g
 Baby Potatoes 300g                                      
 Green Beans 250g
 Sweet Potatoes 250g
 Mushrooms 50g
 Broccoli 200g
 Spring onions 1 bunch
 Butterhead lettuce 1 head
 Garlic 1 bulb
 Rosemary  2 sprigs
 Basil 1 bunch
 Coriander 1 bunch
 Mint  1 bunch
 Root ginger 50g

Grated cheddar  10g
Eggs 5
3% fat Natural Yoghurt 1 small tub

Canned Goods and Sundries

 Olive Oil 1 bottle
 Rapeseed Oil  1 bottle
 Chickpeas 1 can
 Honey 1 jar
 Crushed tomatoes 1 can / jar
 Sweetcorn 1 can
 Black beans 1 can
 Wholemeal wraps, large 2
 Smoked Paprika  1 jar
 Basil Pesto  1 small jar
 Balsamic vinegar 1 small bottle
 Plain flour 1 pack
 Chicken stock cubes 1 pack
 Vegetable stock cubes  1 pack
 Beef stock cubes  1 pack
 Cous cous 100g
 Oyster sauce 1 bottle
 Reduced sodium soy sauce  1 bottle
 Curry Paste 1 small jar
 Chilli powder 1 jar
 Garlic powder 1 jar
 Ground cumin 1 jar
 Taco spice mix  1 pack