Emigrants return to Achill Island to celebrate St Patrick's Day.

Emigrants return home to Achill Island to celebrate St Patrick's Day. Passengers getting off a Ryan Air plane at Knock airport.

Pat O'Malley say he is delighted to be back in Mayo it is the first time in 20 years he will be here for St Patrick's Day. Anne O'Malley has not been home for St Patrick's Day in 16 years.

People enjoying the festivities in a pub a man with guitar is singing. A  woman in bar talks about on how emigration has hit Achill.

Pipe Bands playing in Achill. A band member talks about how great it is to have the bands playing in Achill on St Patrick's Day but on Monday the majority of those playing here will be gone again back to England, Scotland and America.

Pat O'Malley on much he has enjoyed the day and the bands playing and how he wishes he could stay at home.

Reporter Jim Fahy, "A recent church survey has now confirmed that emigration is now Achill's number one problem."

Fr John Cosgrove talks about a survey in the local area which showed the numbers leaving.

Jim Fahy "In their efforts to combat unemployment and emigration the island's tourist and development associations have submitted two million pounds of projects for EC funding."

Tom Caffrey talk about the great weekend Achill has had and on plans to get structural funds.