The closing stages of the first Irish Sweeps Derby which was broadcast by RTÉ on 30 June 1962.

The Irish Derby became the Irish Sweeps Derby in 1962 and also one of the richest horse races in the world. Telefís Éireann covered the Derby from the Curragh; it was also taken live by the BBC and recorded by the ABC network in the USA.

The Derby was the most complicated outside broadcast Telefís Éireann had undertaken. Seven cameras were used to cover the race including a mobile radio camera hired from the BBC. Sound engineers also had to make arrangements for seperate commentaries by TE and BBC for the same pictures.

Micheal O'Hehir and Louis Gunning covered the race for TE and Peter O'Sullivan and Clive Graham fof the BBC. Shown here are scenes from the Curragh and the final stages as Tambourine II wins the big race.