President Eamon de Valera laid a wreath in the execution yard at Kilmainham Gaol before opening a museum in the former prison.

A large crowd gathered outside Kilmainham Gaol  in Dublin where 14 men were executed following the Rising in 1916. They had come to see President de Valera return to the jail where he had been condemned to death.

In the execution yard of the prison relatives of the executed men, had been given the place of honour. They were joined by the Taoiseach, Sean Lemass, members of the jail restoration committee and the volunteer workers who had carried out the labour.

A special guard under Lieutenant George Kirwan presented arms. While the last post was played the national flag was lowered to half mast by Captain Patrick Coakley.

President de Valera laid a wreath before the Tricolour was hoisted fully again. Trumpeters sounded The Reveille and the national anthem was played completing the ceremony.

Inside the jail President de Valera addressed the crowd and officially opened the museum. Back outside well wishers surround President de Valera before he is driven away.