The history of cinema in Ireland including the American Kalem Film Company filming in Co. Kerry at the beginning of the 20th century.

Proinsias had a deep interest in cinema and film making in Ireland. He wrote two books on the subject 'Scéal na Scannán' (The Story of Films) and 'Ár Scannáin Féin' (Our own Films). He was particularly interested in the work of the Kalem Film Company who came from America in 1910 to use Ireland as a location for a series of films.

Annie O' Sullivan, from Beaufort Killarney, recalls Kalem in Killarney and director Sidney Olcott filming outdoor scenes. Robert di Vignola, an Italian born American actor and director (from an archive recording), recalls some tensions between the film company and the local priest when he worked in Killarney.