The 33rd Battalion of the Irish army leave for the Congo on board a US Airforce Globemaster. The film shows the Irish troops parading and being blessed before departure at Baldonnel aerodrome.

Embarkation of the 33rd Battalion to the Congo, 18 August 1960.

In August 1960 with the permission of the Irish Air Corps, Thomas  Fewer had access to film the departure of the 33rd Battalion of the Irish army to serve in the Congo.

The film shows the arrival of a US Airforce Globemaster at Baldonnel aerodrome. The parting troops parade before the Taoiseach, Sean Lemass, the Minister for External Affairs, Frank Aiken and the Minister for Defence, Kevin Boland.

The soldiers are blessed by the Rev. P Duffy acting Head Chaplin to the forces and say goodbye to loved ones before departing.

Michael Fewer son of the filmmaker Thomas can be seen with a notebook in hand coming off the plane and talking to American military personnel.

The soldier embracing his mother at the steps of the plane may well be Jimmy Forde. The bus his parents were travelling on from Cork broke down so by the time they got to Baldonnel their son has already boarded. An American officer arranged for Jimmy to come off the plane to say farewell to his parents.

Nine Irish soldiers of the 33rd Battalion were killed at an ambush at Niemba on 8th of November 1960.