Full details of radio and television coverage and the men behind the mikes.

The RTV Guide published a special four-page pull-out supplement on the forthcoming Kennedy visit on 21 June 1963. It gives full details of radio and television coverage. The entire supplement is presented here, along with the front cover of the issue showing President Kennedy's head superimposed onto a map of Ireland.

One page gives the listings for each event in the President's itinerary. There is also a double-page spread on 'the men behind the mikes', including the very young Terry Wogan, Gay Byrne and John Bowman, with a map showing who will comment on which part of the president's motorcade from Dublin Airport to the Phoenix Park on the day of his arrival, 26 June 1963. Other topics covered are  the visit of the president's father Joseph Kennedy to Ireland in 1938 and the Kennedy family history.