02: Preparing for President Kennedy

The visit of President Kennedy presented many logistical challenges.

The White House sent an advance party to Ireland seven weeks before the June visit. RTÉ News reports from the time show this party arriving in Dublin and travelling to Wexford, where they examined every location the president proposed to visit.

For RTÉ the challenge of covering a four-day presidential visit was enormous. This was the first time that Irish television had to broadcast live with multiple cameras from a variety of different locations in such a short period of time. Additional outside broadcast facilities were brought in from United Kingdom. BBC producer Antony Craxton with experience in covering large scale outside broadcasts advised television staff in Dublin. The television pictures of the visit would be sent around the world.

A special supplement of the RTV Guide gives full details of all Irish radio and television coverage . There is a double-spread on "the men behind the mikes", including the very young Terry Wogan, Gay Byrne and John Bowman, with a map showing who would comment on what part of the president's motorcade from Dublin Airport to the Phoenix Park on the day of his arrival.