The top 10 tips for a romantic Valentine's Day. Flowers, perfume, cards, chocolates, love letters, poetry and cupid are all essential elements for that perfect Valentine.

‘Style Stream’ looks at the customs and legends of Valentine’s Day and provides the top 10 tips for a romantic day.

The Top Ten Tips for a modern but romantic Valentines Day are:
10. Give a bunch of flowers to a loved one.
9. Surprise your girl with some lovely perfume.
8. When sending that special card, make sure your sweetheart's name is different to her mum's.
7. Surprise your love with their favourite chocolates.
6. Hide a special note in a secret place.
5. Make a special effort and dress from head to toe in smashing red.
4. Write a load of fab cards and send them to yourself. Just make sure to disguise your writing.
3. Poetry is for Valentines Day, so why not compose a special rhyme and read it to your special love.
2. Request a special song for the lady on the radio.
1. Beware of cupids arrow, because once it hits you, it could leave a silly grin on your face for ever.