'The Radharc Squad' tells the story of one of the greatest adventures in Irish television history how of a group of Catholic priests turned filmmakers produced over 400 groundbreaking, influential and often controversial films between 1962 and 1996.

Marking the 50th anniversary of both Radharc and RTÉ, this two part documentary uses the Radharc archive and interviews with key figures and commentators who examine the value and legacy of the Radharc films to Irish broadcasting.

The second part of 'The Radharc Squad' looks at Radharc in a changing Ireland of the 1970s and 1980s. As more of the population questioned the role of the Catholic Church in Irish society what was Radharc's function now?

Outside of Ireland Radharc was looking at religious politics and liberation theology in South and Central America. In the Philippines where there was a large American military presence Radharc highlighted the work of Father Shay Cullen with drug addicts and prostitutes. 

In the Turkana desert in northern Kenya, Radharc looked at the work of Father Tony Barrett, a missionary, taking on an anthropological role in the tribal community.

The Radharc Squad finishes by asking what is the legacy of the Radharc series?