The numbers of people looking to emigrate from Ireland in 1982 has increased considerably. However in many countries the number of visas being issued is being reduced.

Conall Morain reports on the increasing numbers of people looking to emigrate from Ireland in 1982. Three young men give their views on emigration and unemployment.

Reporter Conall Morain says that in 1981 900 Irish people were granted Canadian visas although the embassy is receiving 1,000 calls a month only 300 people will be allowed to enter this year.

The United States says that it also will be cutting back on number of visas issued, According to German embassy the numbers of Irish residents there is up by 40% since 1979.

The numbers of people trying to emigrate to Australia is also up 40% though number of visas issued will be increased this year in common with most other countries it is getting much more difficult to get in.

Colm Camoran of the Australian embassy, talks about the need for skilled trades men and professionals such as accountants and engineers. There is facility also for people who have close family in Australia. If a person has an occupation that is in demand they will find employment.

The exterior of an employment exchange as Conall Morain, says,

"During the 1950s the Irish economy was in a similar recession and we used emigration as a safety valve. But now with new restrictions there is no jobs and nowhere to go."

Men outside the employment exchange give their views on not being able to get work.

A man who does not wish to be identified has a job in Ireland in the electrical trade but out of concern for the future of his family says he will emigrate. He has five children and sees no hope for them in Ireland. He feels there are better chances for children in Australia. He will be sorry to leave Ireland but there is apathy, a poor political situation and a standard of living way below par here.

The report finishes with a man on the street who says,

This country has gone to the dogs altogether for work.