The video for 'Dub Rap (The Dublin Rapping Song)' by The Corporation featuring Mannix Flynn.

The Corporation is a music project by Ingmar Kiang and Johnny Byrne. ‘Dub Rap (The Dublin Rapping Song)’ features the actor and writer Mannix Flynn on lead vocals. On backing vocals are Billie Webster and Marian Woods, Eamon Carr plays bongos and percussion and Ray Shiels is on saxophone.

Interviewed on ‘The Pat Kenny Chat Show' on 26 Sep 1982, Mannix Flynn explains the song is about Dublin,

It’s about a fella who wants to shake up the city, you know, that’s always asleep, a place that has no future just a past that always repeats.

In the days before music videos were commonplace, the video for ‘Dub Rap’ was produced by Bob Collins for RTÉ.

The pop and rock series 'Non Stop Pop' began on 23 January 1982 with RTÉ Radio 2 DJ Gerry Ryan making his television debut. It was produced and directed by Conor McAnally.

'Non Stop Pop' was based on the same format as 'Top of the Pops' made by the BBC, but was not chart related. The series featured Irish bands in studio and videos from international acts.

The first series of 'Non Stop Pop', originally scheduled for a 9 week run was extended by a further six programmes beginning on 16 April 1982. An autumn series of 'Non Stop Pop' ran from 6 October to 10 November 1982.

This episode of 'Non Stop Pop' was first broadcast on 3 November 1982. The presenter is Gerry Ryan.