The Knights of Saint Columbanus hold their first ever public Supreme Council meeting in Limerick.

For the first times since its foundation 52 years ago, the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbanus open up their annual general meeting to the public in Limerick.

Supreme Knight Vincent Grogan says that the purpose of the public meeting is to renew and renovate the order in accordance with the Vatican Council. He says that the public meeting is a complete change from the privacy which marked most of the organisation's activities. He describes the secrecy that surrounded the organisation in the past, days which he says are long over.

In the early days our organisation particularly in Dublin was largely concerned with the then necessary fight against discrimination against Catholics and it was for the protection of our own members who were engaged in that work that we adopted the rule that members didn't reveal one another's membership without their consent.

The new approach of the organisation is more open embracing the community without secrecy. Vincent Grogan believes that the Knights of Saint Columbanus influence the creation of a healthy, informed Catholic public opinion.

More than 200 delegates representing around 7,000 members gathered for the meeting.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 29 June 1967. The reporter is Arthur Quinlan.