A new housing scheme in the heart of old Cork city demonstrates the commitment to urban renewal but it comes at a cost.

The new scheme of houses is officially opened by the Lord Mayor of Cork Paud Black.

The Cork Corporation scheme consisting of five four-bedroom houses is located at Broguemakers Hill at the junction of Blarney Street and Shandon Street.

The new houses are costly at £40,000 each showing that money doesn't go far in urban renewal.

According to the Lord Mayor, The scheme at Broguemakers Hill is an indication of the corporation's genuine commitment to the concept of urban renewal. The development which cost over £200,000 was built on a derelict site which had been eyesore in the city for decades. The Lord Mayor said that the Corporation was committed to building more similar schemes subject to the availability of finances.

The corporation is committed to the renewal of the old city to make it a living centre again.

Cork city is looking for several million pounds from central government funds. John O'Donnell, Town Planning Officer, says that the approach in Shandon is to build on the existing community with a mix of public and private investment in the area.

Our policies are to preserve and protect the housing here.

The Broguemakers Hill development was designed by City Architect Mr TF McNamara.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 9 May 1982. The reporter is Tom MacSweeney.