The Cultivate Centre offers advice and information on sustainable living and alternatives to fossil fuels.

Rising oil prices are resulting in many members of the public looking for alternative fuel sources. The Cultivate Centre is currently hosting a sustainable living festival titled 'Learning to live without fossil fuels'. Topics under discussion include rethinking tourism and learning to build with green materials.

Cultivate in Dublin's Temple Bar provides advice and information on some of the alternatives on offer and how to live more sustainably using green technologies.

The Cultivate Centre in Temple Bar in Dublin offers what it calls practical solutions for sustainable living.

Recent price rises in oil, along with a fear that peak oil period is fast approaching, has resulted in an increased number of people coming to the centre to find out how they can limit their consumption of fossil fuels.

Davie Philip of the Cultivate Centre says that they are getting more and more queries from the public about bio fuels, wood chip burners, solar panels, and composting.

Ireland is one of the biggest consumers of oil in Europe but how seriously is the country taking the threat of diminishing resources? Members of the public believe that we are overly dependent on fossil fuels and suggest that there should be higher taxes on certain fuels to discourage their use.

Some environmentalists believe that the rise in oil prices will encourage the public to seek alternative fuel sources.

Davie Philip believes that,

This is an unprecedented opportunity to move towards the systems and the technologies that have been sidelined for ages now.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 18 April 2006. The reporter is Sinéad Crowley.