Thomond College Limerick encouraging the creative use of concrete.

While Thomond College is famous for training the country's physical education teachers, it also has a number of other flourishing departments.

The college contains a number of flourishing departments.

A pioneering approach to teaching woodwork and metalwork has been developed in the Building Technology Department. This has led to a new respect for these subjects in second level education.

An exhibition at Thomond College demonstrates the creative use of concrete and how students take their work from the design stage through to completion. Many of the designs on display in the exhibition have practical applications as well as pieces that are purely aesthetic. Lecturer Bill Gaughran explains that concrete has traditionally not been exploited to its full potential. He highlights the potential uses of concrete as a relatively inexpensive material in sculpting.

Graduates from Thomond College go on to become second level teachers and Bill Gaughran hopes that this creativity will filter down to second level students.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 20 February 1986. The reporter is Michael Walsh.