There is no place for women priests in the Catholic Church Cardinal Carlo Martini of Milan tells an ecumenical conference.

Cardinal Martini was in Drogheda during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and this afternoon spoke at an ecumenical conference being held at Our Lady's College Greenhills, Drogheda.

Prominent members of Ireland's Christian churches joined hundreds of lay people to listen to the cardinal, a biblical scholar who speaks eleven languages and has published over forty scriptural books.

Tipped to be the next pope, a well known ecumenist he spoke about pastoral initiatives in his diocese of five million people which have resulted in thousands of lay people taking up Bible study, 

I ask whether you want to think or not, this is the dividing point, and people who want to think are invited to reflect.

Forthright in his views on the possibility of women priests in the Catholic Church, he adheres to the line laid down by Pope John Paul II.

There is no place for women priests, but there is a great place for women in the church.

Liberal in his style, Cardinal Martini’s orthodox beliefs on celibacy and allowing clergy to marry also adhere to those of the Vatican, 

Celibacy is a great gift for the Church...very be able to be completely for the Lord, and for the Church.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 24 January 1996. The reporter is Joe Little.