Longford to get the first of the cheap swimming pools to be built in Ireland.

Fianna Fáil Minister for Local Government Neil Blaney turns the sod on a new swimming pool to be built by the Longford Development Company.  

Upon completion, the swimming pool will be the standard twenty five metres in length and will be surrounded by a deck. The water will be heated and chlorinated. However, it will be built at around half the price that it would normally cost.

This is the first of the so called cheap pools to be built in Ireland. As Neil Blaney described it,

The pool without frills.

The minister has plans to roll out swimming pools in every county council and believes that they can be built at a cost of £16,000 based on the prototype model. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 30 April 1965. The reporter is Joe Fahy.