Edenderry introduces ID cards to manage under age drinking in the town.

Any doubts about a young person's age when they attempt to purchase alcohol in the pubs and off licences of Edenderry will now be clarified with the introduction of an identification card system in the town.

The idea which originated in the town's youth club grew into a community project which involves all local organisations and clubs, who have funded it, as well as the retailers of alcohol in the town. 

A committee was formed to implement the project, which is being run on a budget of £600, and has the full support of the local clergy and Gardaí. 

Edenderry's pubs and bars are also all on board. They were contacted personally by the organising committee, to make sure that they were satisfied with the proposed scheme. 

Publican John Quinlan is confident that the scheme will work, and does not see the introduction of ID cards as a poor reflection on Edenderry,

We’ve no more a serious problem than any town in Ireland.

Garda Denis Dolan praises the initiative of the town’s young people, who have taken a proactive approach to the issue of underage drinking, 

We have a very responsible attitude to drink in this town...

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 6 April 1990. The reporter is Gerry Reynolds.