Tallaght Teen Trish Nolan from is the new Miss Ireland.

Standing at 5'10", 18 year old model Trish Nolan from Dublin is the tallest Miss Ireland to date. Since winning the title just four days earlier, life has been busy. 

I'm still kind of on a bit of a buzz at the moment.

The Miss Ireland competition is funded commercially. Trish is under contract to the two Dublin clubs running the contest Rumours and Barbarella's, and her clothes come from a couple of Dublin boutiques. Along with the title, she gets her own personal hairdresser who uses products from well-known firm 'Topsy'. 

Almost every bit of Trish is sponsored by somebody.

The way Trish sees it is that the sponsors are helping to prepare her for the Miss World Contest, which will take place in November. Trish sees her role as that of an ambassador for Ireland abroad. 

Trish describes people's perceptions of her now that she has the title of 'Miss Ireland'. As regards winning the title of 'Miss World', Trish is keeping her fingers crossed. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 26 August 1983.  The reporter is Alasdair Jackson.