European modernity is coming to Kerry in the form of a new hotel in Dunloe.

The Dunloe Castle Hotel near Killarney is currently under construction.  Owned by the Swiss-based Liebherr Group, it will take two years to complete, and will have 100 rooms and 4 apartments, catering for 154 guests. Liebherr also own two farms in Killarney, and in Doneraile, County Cork.

When its doors are open for business, guests will be able to enjoy the hotel’s beautiful garden setting, the ruined Dunloe Castle which forms part of the property, and the majestic Kerry landscape.  

Will this building be an eyesore?  The hotel manager Olga Meier doesn’t think so, 

I think the hotel is lovely and fits beautifully into the country.  I don’t see why anybody should say that it does not, because after all, here like anywhere else in the world, we have to go for progress.  What we want here mostly is to attract tourists, and that we can only do if we build modern and lovely hotels, especially in a beautiful surrounding as we have it right here...

Originally from Basel in Switzerland, Meier acknowledges that it even took the Swiss people time to get used to the idea of large hotels such as this one, 

But now today we have dozens of them, and nobody thinks anything about it, on the contrary, we like it...

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 10 June 1963.  The reporter is John Ross.