Alan Abel has made a career out of playing pranks and hoaxes.

Professional prankster Alan Abel loves going against the grain and sees himself as a sort of provocateur. All of Alan’s practical jokes are legal and he has never been arrested. He believes,

Practical joking is necessary just to get the space we need in life.

Alan Abel never goes anywhere without his props which help him find,

Practical ways of getting through life with humour.

One of his props, a piece of string, enables him to command more than one seat on an plane. A shoe-box allows him to smoke in places where it is frowned upon, although,

I gave up smoking until this lung cancer scare blows over.

Alan also carries a sign which enables him to jaywalk with impunity. Carrying a whistle is invaluable when it is necessary for Alan to divert attention, while letting the air out of a balloon means he can get away with passing wind in public.

Alan shares tips on how to live well on three dollars a week and outlines his theory on how tax should be assessed. He firmly believes,

Laughter is the only tranquilliser without side effects.

This episode of ‘It’s Bibi’ was broadcast on 23 March 1993. The presenter is Bibi Baskin.