Is Ireland ready for potatoes that are vacuum packed?

While the potato is the most versatile of all vegetables, although preparation and cooking can be a time consuming process. Danish innovation has lead to vacuum packed potatoes which are pre-cooked in a factory and ready to be served in two minutes at home.

This innovation already controls 80% of the Scandinavian catering market and now with the assistance of Shannon Development, the State Agency of the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, if an Irish partner can be located, Ireland and the UK are next in line.

Henrik Herlau an inventions expert from the Copenhagen Technnical Institute is the product consultant for vacuum packet potatoes. Although the product looks simple, a lot of marketing know-how has gone on behind the scenes. He believes this is why the product is so successful.

If the product was to be manufactured in Ireland it may create 20-30 jobs in the manufacturing process and perhaps for another 20 people involved in supplying the catering industry. It would also be of benefit to the potato farmers behind the product.

While vacuum packed potatoes are of a high standard,

The best quality you will always get, when you take the potatoes out of your own garden, but this should be second to that quality.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 19 September 1982.