Professor Cedric Wilson offers an alternative to conventional medicine. While his approach has its sceptics, there are those who have benefited from this form of treatment.

In 1981 the former Professor of Pharmacology at Trinity College Dublin Cedric Wilson was in Dublin for a series of lectures organised by his Irish patients.

His theories are a mixture of good sense, new ideas and the old wives tales your granny swore by.

While some sectors of the medical profession are sceptical of Professor Wilson and his practices, many of his patients feel differently. Professor Wilson believes many environmental factors of the modern world cause health problems. He believes that diet and the body's defence mechanism are fundamental to good health. His theory is that any allergic reaction affects the entire body and is not exclusive to one particular system or organ in the body. The objective of his approach is to remove the environmental allergens that affect a disease. 

Ireland's Eye profiles two of his patients, four year old Alan Foy from Sligo and Máire Ní Mhurchú from Cork who have both benefited from Professor Wilson's approach. Their illnesses did not react well to conventional medicine.

Máire, Alan and others credit Professor Cedric Wilson for their dramatic improvements.

Alan Foy still requires special care and attends the Scottish Hospital Research Unit where Professor Wilson now works. His treatment includes steering clear of particular foods and clothes, and a special purified water supply. He also sleeps in a dust free room. Since being put on a food exclusion diet Alan's quality of life has rapidly improved. 

Máire describes how Professor Wilson put her on a strict diet resulting in her improved health and quality of life. 

To his patients Professor Cedric Wilson is a hero. They speak of him with charismatic fervour. He has helped them in their hour of need and they dismiss the various sectors who are sceptical about the Professor's theories.

Professor Wilson left Ireland because he was not given the support he need to carry out his work. On the reluctance to embrace change in the medical practice Professor Wilson says that it always takes time for new ideas to be appreciated.

We now have the key that will open up the door to allergic disease.

This episode of 'Ireland's Eye' was broadcast on 1 December 1981.