Proposals to change the divorce law brought forward by the government have been rejected by the people.

David Davin Power meets supporters and opponents to get their reactions to the result which saw 63% of the electorate reject divorce.

Alice Glenn of Fine Gael is delighted with the result and thanks God for delivering people from the evils of a divorce culture. She also criticises the Ministry for Women's Affairs as a sexist and divisive ministry, which should be replaced by a Ministry for Family Affairs.

Another anti divorce campaigner was Fianna Fáil's Padraig Flynn who is happy that Irish people are holding on to traditional values. 

On the pro divorce side Karen O'Connor of the Divorce Action Group says that 

The anti divorce campaign ran a very effective campaign based on fear, greed and the exploitation of people's vulnerability

O'Connor also criticises Fianna Fáil and the church for their interference in the campaign and says that Fine Gael did not run a coordinated campaign and they lacked leadership on the issue. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 27 June 1986.