The people of Westport county Mayo have always had a great interest in Third World issues, so much so that in 1982 they formed a partnership with the town of Aror in Kenya.

The objective was to establish positive and lasting development aid for a particular area rather than sending emergency relief when it is really too late.

This programme provides a profile of Westport and Aror and the relationship that has developed between the towns. 

Westport fishmonger Maureen Kennedy describes this new approach that helps to prevent the development of famine situations rather than responding to them. 

Community awareness in Westport is very high

Sean Stanton, Chairman of the Westport Urban District Council, commented on the success of the partnership. 

Aror has a population of 18,000 people, about six times as many as Westport. Life in Aror couldn't be more different to Westport, with an average yearly income of about £12.50, average life expectancy of 52, and infant mortality at a rate of 8 times that in Ireland. 75% of the illnesses suffered in Aror are preventable and organisations such as the Medical Missionaries of Mary provide healthcare and education to the region.

Further support came when a group from Westport took the opportunity to visit Aror and saw first hand what needed to be done to help. Michael O'Donnell describes his experience in Kenya and how they have extended the twinning partnerships between other towns in Mayo and Kenya.

'Radharc: Partnership in Progress' with Peter McNiff was first broadcast on 20 March 1991.