A day for showing off the Air Corps latest additions to maritime control which are the latest effort in the war against overfishing.

The Irish Air Corps have been demonstrating two of its most sophisticated and newest aeroplanes. The Spanish built Casa aircraft are being used for fisheries protection in Irish waters. The fishing industry has been lobbying the government for greater protection from foreign fishing fleets.

They give the authorities here a vastly greater chance of catching renegade fishermen.

Features on the new planes include improved radar and infra-red cameras.

Ireland is the only European country to get funding from Europe to cover maritime control costs due to the size of the territorial waters. Minister for the Marine Seán Barrett spoke to reporter Seán Whelan about the funding requirements that will help Ireland protect its own waters and to develop the fishing industry.

An RTÉ News report by Seán Whelan broadcast on 17 July 1995.