In 1983 American tennis player, John McEnroe, was in Dublin for the Davis Cup at the Fitzwilliam Tennis Club.

Anything Goes presenter Mary Fitzgerald met up with McEnroe to find out more about how he became interested in tennis, who his influences were, and how he sees the future of the game in Ireland.

John McEnroe began playing tennis at the age of 8 growing up looked to players like Rod Laver for inspiration. McEnroe's biggest influence is his coach and former Wimbeldon doubles champion, the Mexican tennis player Tony (Antonio) Palafox. What makes a great tennis player? For McEnroe it is a combination of a natural talent for the game and proper facilities that help set a player on the path to success.

John McEnroe was joined on the America Team for the Davis Cup by Peter Fleming, Gene Mayer and Eliot Teltscher. Their match against Ireland was held in Dublin between 30 September and 2 October.

At this stage in his sporting career John McEnroe had twice won the Wimbledon singles title in 1981 and 1983. In 1984 he won his third title beating Jimmy Connors in the final. McEnroe also holds five doubles titles at Wimbledon.

This episode of Anything Goes was broadcast on 1 October 1983.

‘Anything Goes’ was a young people’s programme on RTÉ Television. The programme was first broadcast on 4 October 1980 and continued for 6 years.