Conor Cruise O'Brien describes his life as as a diplomat, historian, politician and journalist.

Conor Cruise O'Brien (1917 - 2008) talks to John Bowman about his varied career. He had expected to be a civil servant or diplomat and many people following this path are also writers. He cites his time with the United Nations in the Congo in 1961 as the stimulus for the variety in his career.

This episode of the programme 'Printout' was broadcast on 30 October 1979. The presenter is John Bowman.

'Printout' was a magazine programme on RTÉ 2 presented by Louise Creagh, Bill O'Herlihy and John Bowman. Printout looked at how local papers reacted to international news stories. An essential element of the programme was studio interviews with journalists and those working in the press.