MRSA is a bacterial infection resistant to many common antibiotics

More virulent forms of MRSA circulating

10.51 More virulent and antibiotic resistant forms of MRSA are circulating in Irish hospitals and look set to become the dominant strains in the future, according to new research.

Michael Noonan said Stamp Duty was not a useful tool for controlling property prices

NAMA may be used to control rising property prices

11.37 Minister for Finance Michael Noonan said he has asked the National Asset Management Agency to see if it can use land it controls as a way of controlling rapidly rising property prices, particularly in Dublin.

Kathryn Stone was appointed as Victims' Commissioner just over 18 months ago

NI Victims' Commissioner to leave post

13.30 Northern Ireland's Victims' Commissioner is to leave her post for a new role in England - a decision she has described as the most difficult of her career.

Theresa Villiers said there must be less focus on the activities of the police and the British security forces

Villiers calls for fresh approach to NI past

11.13 The Northern Ireland Secretary of State has said any new process that examines the past in Northern Ireland must have a proportionate focus on the wrongdoing of loyalist and republican paramilitaries.