Kenneth O'Brien's dismembered remains were found last month

Man charged with murder of Kenneth O'Brien

20.08 A man has been charged at a special sitting of Dublin District Court with the murder of 33-year-old Kenneth O'Brien, whose dismembered remains were discovered in a number of locations in Co Kildare last month.

SIPTU is concerned the daa will pay a dividend to the State before pay restoration to staff

SIPTU withdraws from daa forum in dividend row

20.03 SIPTU representatives at the Dublin Airport Authority have withdrawn from a joint staff/management forum amid fears that the company will pay a dividend to the State before restoring pay cuts imposed during the recession.

18% of properties in the city of Berkeley had moisture or water damage that raised significant safety concerns

Report finds Berkeley multi-unit buildings unsafe

19.57 New mandatory building inspections introduced in Berkeley, California as a direct result of the tragic balcony collapse which killed six young people and injured seven others have found that almost one in five multi-unit properties in the city had unsafe water damaged balconies, decks or stairwells.

Child abuse survivor Marie Collins is the only survivor-member of the Commission for the Protection of Minors

Child abuse survivor criticises bishops' lecture

18.17 The prominent child abuse survivor Marie Collins has said senior Vatican bureaucrats frustrated Pope Francis' plans to have his Commission for the Protection of Minors train bishops in child protection.

The HIQA report found that over 12 months ten foster placements had ended abruptly in an unplanned manner

Concerns over HIQA report into foster care

15.00 An advocacy group for children in care has expressed concern at HIQA's finding that about one quarter of placements arranged last year by the Fresh Start Fostering Service ended abruptly and in an unplanned way.