Around 350,000 students will be affected by the closure of schools as teachers down tools over changes to the Junior Cycle

Teachers' strike looks set to go ahead

10.52 ASTI President Phillip Irwin has said teachers need more movement from Minister for Education Jan O'Sullivan in order to avert next Tuesday's strike action.

Chief Executive of the National Association of GPs Chris Goodey

Medical card computer system criticised

18.18 The National Association of General Practitioners has claimed that the Health Service Executive computer system to allow GPs to extend medical cards is "fundamentally flawed".

Francis McGuigan and Kevin Hannaway arrive at the High Court

Action to seek revision of 1978 torture ruling

17.42 Lawyers for the "Hooded Men" have begun High Court proceedings to seek an order to compel the Attorney General and the Minister for Foreign Affairs to apply to the European Court of Human Rights for a revision of its 1978 torture judgment.