An inquest into the death of a 52-year-old Bord na Móna employee has heard he took his own life after claims he was bullied in the workplace.

Coroner Dr Denis Cusack agreed to broaden the scope of the inquiry into the death of father of four Peter Duggan on a bog in Kildare in August of 2017.

However, he said that while the effect of the alleged incidents would be examined, it was not the role of the inquest to apportion blame to any third party.

At the outset of the inquest this morning, Dr Cusack told relatives of the deceased man that while he was concerned about use of the word "bully", he would allow it to be used at the inquest "in a descriptive manner".

He said he would investigate the alleged behaviour and circumstances in two incidents involving Mr Duggan while he was working with Bord na Móna.

The coroner said Mr Duggan's death had been distressing for his family and for his co-workers. A number of whom had also suffered health issues.

Mr Duggan's wife Catherine has told the inquest about an incident involving her husband's car.

She said he told her of the details of the second incident involving a mug.

She said if her husband was away from work for a period, something would be purposely done to stop his machinery from working when he returned. 

The company has said there is no evidence of these incidents having taken place.

Earlier, Bord na Móna apologised to the coroner about the omission of details of Mr Duggan's employment record from his HR file.

The company says documents were only given to the coroner after they were discovered elsewhere on Thursday.

The coroner said that Bord na Móna needed to be clear about its policies on bullying and harassment.

Dr Cusack made his comments while questioning managers, foremen and supervisors.

The coroner said he was endeavouring with some difficulty to ascertain who was the person in the company who had carried out an investigation under health and safety into allegations of bullying and harassment made by the late Peter Duggan and his family.

The inquest is continuing this afternoon.