In the United States, two Congressmen - Massachusetts Democrat Richard Neale, and Pennsylvania Republican Mike Kelly - are to introduce a resolution of the House of Representatives to mark the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement.

"The historic significance of this agreement cannot be understated," said Congressman Neal.

"With the 51st anniversary of Bloody Sunday approaching, let us remind ourselves that it was the Good Friday Agreement that brought an end to the longest period of conflict in Irish history, and culminated in twenty-five years of peace and stability on the Island of Ireland.

"As Co-Chair of the Friends of Ireland Caucus, I am proud to introduce this bill to commemorate the signing of this historic agreement. As the guarantor, the United States remains committed to maintaining prosperity and good relations for years to come."

Congressman Kelly said: "After generations of bloodshed, the Good Friday Agreement was an astounding achievement and has served as the bedrock of peace in Northern Ireland.

"The Good Friday Agreement lies at the very heart of the peace and reconciliation process that ended the Troubles. Nothing should jeopardize the progress the Good Friday Agreement has made for the people of Ireland.

"With the US playing an integral part of this transformative accord, I stand with my bipartisan colleagues in reaffirming our continued long-standing support of the Good Friday Agreement."