Two of the eight security guards who were injured in an incident at a repossessed house and farm near Strokestown in Co Roscommon have been interviewed by gardaí.

One of the men who was hospitalised after the incident has given a statement to gardaí in Sligo and a number of other witnesses to the incident are also co-operating with the investigation.

Our drone footage shows the charred remains of a number of vehicles damaged in a blaze at the property.

All three security guards who were hospitalised following the attack have been released from hospital.

Friends of the family involved in last Tuesday's incident say two members returned, for the first time, to their home this evening.

Shortly afterwards, gardaí came to the scene and it is understood a warning was issued to several people about trespassing in the area.

There were no further incidents and gardaí left the scene.

On social media a friend of the family said they have appealed for privacy.

The incident at the house and farm in Falsk, in which a guard dog was killed, has been condemned by local TDs.

Gardaí also confirmed that a complaint had been received in relation to the repossession last week and a full investigation will be carried out into that complaint in due course.

There have also been calls on KBC Bank Ireland to allow the former residents of the house to return there, following their eviction last week.

It has emerged that when a group of masked men with baseball bats broke into the home early yesterday, the road to and from the building had been blocked by bales of hay, as well as other obstacles.

This made it difficult for both the fire services and gardaí to get to the scene.

Gardaí will speak to some of those who were injured and examine the footage from body cameras worn by the security guards.

Two TDs in the area, Fianna Fáil's Eugene Murphy and Independent Michael Fitzmaurice, have condemned the violence, but were also critical of the manner in which the repossession took place.

Mr Murphy said he was going to seek a meeting with KBC Bank Ireland. The bank confirmed it was aware of the incident, but said it was a matter for gardaí and declined to comment.

Gardaí believe the incident, which began just after 4am yesterday, was planned and highly organised.

Up to 20 men are believed to have been involved, many of them wearing hi-vis vests and carrying baseball bats. 

When gardaí arrived at the scene, three vehicles were on fire and a number of people had fled the house into adjoining fields.

A number of people were found with serious injuries to their heads, arms and legs.

Gardaí refused to comment on speculation that there was a dissident involvement, but there are reports that some of those involved had Northern Irish accents.

Video footage, as well as footage from body-cams that were worn by the security guards on Tuesday, will be examined as part of the investigation.

Taoiseach condemns attack on eight security guards

Elsewhere, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said he was very concerned about events in Roscommon.

Speaking in Dublin, he said he did not know the individual circumstances, but did not think anyone liked to see someone evicted or see anyone lose the property they held, particularly in the run-up to Christmas.

But he added that if it was done on the basis of a court order, he could only presume that a judge heard all sides of the story and made a decision.

But, leaving aside the reasons for the eviction, he said everyone had to condemn the use of violence and in this instance individuals being injured, an animal killed and property destroyed. He said it would seem it was a highly violent and highly organised vigilante attack.

In a statement, Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan said he had requested his officials to examine the regulations and licensing of personnel enforcing court orders by the Private Security Authority.

Minister Flanagan also said that he had convened an interdepartmental group to examine the administrative, legislative, resources, security and any other matters required to provide for the regulation and licensing of personnel enforcing court orders by the Private Security Authority.

The group is to report to the minister in January 2019.

Additional reporting: Colman O'Sullivan