Microsoft DreamSpace TV for secondary schools is for students aged 12-18 and brings them from basic coding with the micro:bit using visual programming to programming with Python across six episodes. 

It also challenges students to think about the role of technology in helping our society, whether it be with Artificial Intelligence (AI) or programming the micro:bit to support one of the global goals.

These episodes have been planned and developed to support school communities and youth clubs prepare for entering this year's do your:bit  challenge. 

This year's do your:bit challenge focuses on global goal three - good health and well-being, and global goal 13 - climate action. This is a worldwide competition for young people to enter and can't wait to celebrate our Irish champion(s).

Check out the breakdown of what we will cover on DreamSpace TV:

Episode One

Join the team to explore the possibilities of the micro:bit with MakeCode, delve into variables and conditions and program the micro:bit to assist us with Global Goal 3. You want to learn more? Great, we also learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Episode Two

Learn about using the micro:bit bluetooth antenna and the radio function to solve our specific episode challenge focused on Global Goal 13 as well as learning about AI for Earth.

Episode Three

The coding journey continues, and things just levelled up. Moving from blocks, we enter the realm of programming with Python whilst also learning about AI for Humanitarian Action.

Episode Four

Python isn’t as slippery as you thought? Great. We continue the Python experience and begin to also focus on how we can ensure technology is inclusive and accessible.

Episode Five

"It’s the final countdown"….well nearly. We program the micro:bit with Python to not only be a countdown timer but to also count up our steps. This combined with our review of an AI for Health program should inspire us all to step up.

Episode Six

You made it! Time to now review all that we have learnt, get an understanding of design thinking and let our imaginations flow for the do your:bit challenge.

Download the series guide for teachers/parents/mentors HERE.

After watching all six episodes, you will be well prepared to "do your:bit" and enter the micro:bit educational foundation's global challenge and hopefully one of many representing Ireland!

You can watch them all right now here: #MSDreamSpaceTV Secondary

Thanks again to everyone involved and don't forget you can catch DreamSpace TV for primary schools HERE!