The time has come to enter the world of Python (and no, we are not learning about snakes!).

Python is a powerful general-purpose programming language and unlike what has been covered so far, it will be code through text as opposed to visual blocks. 

Python is used in things like web development and data science as well as also ensuring the smooth operation of search engines and video-sharing websites (eg YouTube). Fortunately for beginners, Python has simple easy-to-use syntax (the structure and rules for the language). This makes Python an excellent language for beginners learning to program.

The other great thing is, in MakeCode, we can still toggle back to blocks to get assistance with our program if needs be. Learning Python at a young age is a fantastic skill to have and we know you will find this really achievable as you continue your DreamSpace TV journey.

In this episode, we start at the beginning of the Python journey with MakeCode for micro:bit and transfer what has been learnt with blocks (sequences, loops, conditions, etc) into text. Let’s toggle!

Check out the resources including extra challenges for students and teacher/mentor guidelines for this episode HERE

Teacher/Mentor/Parent Notes 
The coding challenges will require students to have access to an internet connected device (phone, tablet device or laptop) and to log in, on the browser of choice, to

Don't forget, you can find all resources including series guidelines and episodic resources HERE

What areas of the post-primary curriculum could this be linked to:

  • Computer Science:
    •  Computer Science (MakeCode and Python): Sequencing, Operations, Data Types, For
    • Loops, Functions, Inputs, Outputs
    •  Physical computing with the micro:bit
    •  AI for Humanitarian Action
  • Science & Geography:
    • Temperature
    • AI for Humanitarian Action: responding to natural disasters
  • Math:
    • Data types (integers)
    • Operations